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Cleaning Inside the Building

Cleaning Inside the Building

Maintenance Cleaning

In terms of maintenance cleaning, we can create customised Message Service Specifications which have different intervals between each clean. Our trained employees clean using cutting edge machinery which produces environmentally friendly chemicals for optimum cleaning results. Test our performance for yourself.

After construction cleaning

After construction, we will guide you through the various construction phases all the way through to cleaning of the building and ceremonial handover. At this point we remove even the most stubborn grime caused by the construction process. We offer a professional and expert finish at fair prices.

Carpet cleaning

We clean carpets in a variety of ways. At the intermediate level of cleaning we use a spray extract or powder cleaning method. For more stubborn dirt or marks we advise a basic combination cleaning method (shampooing and spray extraction). We only ever use environmental and gently cleaning agents regardless of the cleaning method.

Hygiene Service

We delivery toilet paper, hand soaps and a variety of cleaning products to our customers free of charge. You do not need to worry about anything. We provide all the necessary items for your bathroom facilities.


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