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Commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

In order for real estate to retain its value in the long term, it is necessary for a building to be specially cleaned.

In choosing our company you will get qualified staff and a dedicated expert who has many years of experience. We offer professional cleaning of both building exteriors and interiors in accordance with your wishes. In addition, we offer a wide range of cleaning products for your toilet facilities.

Let us make you an offer based on your individual needs and see our high hygiene and cleanliness standards for yourself.

Cleaning the building exterior

External cleaning includes the cleaning of glass and metal surfaces, large and small areas and the winter services. Our compact sweepers and specialised trucks not only impress with their efficiency but also sweep up excellently. Test the groundbreaking technology of our sweepers and eco friendly lawnmowers for yourselves. Check out our video “Kehrsaugarbeiten”. Our business activities also include special services for broken water pipes or damage caused by vandalism. Learn More...

Cleaning inside the building

Cleaning inside the building includes, for example, routine cleaning on a regular basis, professional carpet cleaning and sanitation services, especially for bathroom facilities. Furthermore, we can advise you about coarse and fine construction.
Learn More...

Water Damage and Fire Restoration

In cooperation with waste management companies, we will dispose of all residues, in solid or liquid form, and make the appropriate containers or cubitainers available. Learn More...


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