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Facility Management

Professional facility management requires complex building technology in conjunction with effective management of energy consumption. As a full-service provider, we will relieve you of your daily challenges. In close consultation with our clients, we design object, use and location-based solutions for real estate management which are as individual as their properties.

Office number: 0211-367778-0 (available from 8:00 until 16:00)
Mobile number: 0177-7790065 (available from 16:00 and on weekends)
24- hour Emergency service: 02171 / 580 96 01 (available from 16:00 and on weekends)

You get a comprehensive approach which takes into account all the specific technical and economic aspects. Our full-service programme, alongside experts from all trades, makes your real estate costs predictable and secures the value of your property. Check out the videos of our benefits.

Infrastructural Facility Management

Infrastructural Facility Management includes the implementation of all building services. We guarantee flawless building operations and to improve your business with our supportive services and building use. Outstanding infrastructural facility management primarily benefits the property’s users.

Our range of services:

Technical Facility Management

Technical Facility Management includes the operation and maintenance of all building installations such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, elevators, fire alarm systems, crane systems, doors, gates and much more. Technical Facility Management includes regular inspections and maintenance task repairs. We provide smooth functioning and security for all systems and measure the Technical Facility Management, especially when efficient energy management is highly important. Check out the videos of our benefits.

Our range of services:
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Inspections
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Emergency service
  • Warranty management
  • Modernisation and rebuilding
  • Relocation Planning
  • Area Management
  • Advice


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