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Regular and professional maintenance cleaning is an investment in the long-term value of your property.

Cleaning in order to maintain your property should usually be done daily or weekly. This includes, for example, the cleaning of offices or households.

The work which needs to be done depends on the room’s equipment, its usage and also possibly the claims on legal hygiene requirements. In specific areas such as hospitals or nursing homes, disinfection must also be carried out during the cleaning.

Office maintenance cleaning

Office maintenance cleaning

We definitely emphasise the following:

  • artistic flooring will be dry cleaned, or mopped with a damp or wet mop;
  • loose overlying carpets will be tapped out with the carpet beater;
  • upholstered furniture will be brushed and dusted and stains removed with a special cleaner;
  • bathrooms and toilets are cleaned and mopped with a damp or wet mop

Private household maintenance cleaning

Private household maintenance cleaning

Is your day too short? Do you have too few hours to get everything done?

In case you do not have the free time or you just don't want to waste your time cleaning your house or apartment then have a trustworthy maid service to do that work for you.

Household cleaning is not all about cleaning windows, dusting and so on: it is also about the trust between you and the person who is cleaning your private space. Our cleaners are very hardworking, discreet and confidential so you'll never have an unpleasant situation or any of your private things missing or destroyed.

Your personal cleaner will clean up and wash everything inside and outside your home quickly and effectively. Everything will be tidy and ready for you.

Our household cleaning service uses cleaning products of the latest standards which allow for a more natural way of cleaning. We are very proud of this because environmental health is one of our big concerns, so your bathroom and kitchen will shine and be clean without the use of hard unhealthy chemical cleaning products.

Our household cleaning products polish windows and glass surfaces leaving you with a clear view and without any traces of wiping.

Grass mowing, yard or garden tidying as well as cleaning pathways are also among the jobs that our well equipped personnel can do for you. We are even happy to be at your disposal during wintertime.

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