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Dümpel Technical building management

Technical building management ensures that a building’s operational systems are ready.

We are a service company which focuses on the management and the revitalization of vacant properties throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

Our ultimate goal is to identify and show reasonable potentials for savings. As a certified company, we take care of any breakdowns of technical facilities which may occur and provide maintenance and inspection services. We will check all technical safety components regardless of whether those components are simple or sophisticated switchboards.

Restoring a building includes resolving any insufficient functionality of existing substances. We help in the revitalization of your building or business. As a building management company, we like to take the challenge of adapting and expanding spaces to meet their changing requirements.

Technical building management

Our range of services includes:

  • Servicing (maintenance, inspection, repair)
  • Building management
  • Reactivation of vacancies

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Office number: 0211-367778-0 (available from 8:00 until 16:00)
Mobile number: 0177-7790065 (available from 16:00 and on weekends)
24- hour Emergency service: 02171 / 580 96 01 (available from 16:00 and on weekends)


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