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Dümpel - Janitorial service

There's more to our housekeeping service than a mop hitting the floor.

Environmental concerns and new technologies have brought janitorial services to a new level. Dümpel Commercial Cleaning and janitorial service combines current technology with more than 40 years of experience as a service company.

As a specialist in commercial cleaning and management services, we provide a wide range of janitorial services which are efficient and benefit our customers. Our janitors will help to secure your property and keep the environment as clean as you require it to be.

Cleaning and janitorial service

We can offer you a large list of options that suit your individual needs. We have the know-how, equipment and a large number of employees to carry out any janitorial service that you desire.

Technical Facility Management

Air conditioning in every hotel or building must be regularly cleaned and maintained.

We can determine how often each unit needs to be cleaned, including the cleaning of the evaporator and the condenser rollers or drain pan and filters. Dirty filters can reduce performance and have a negative impact on air quality. If proper precautions are taken for air conditioning system units, you will always be able to rely on them to produce a healthy air quality, and avoid dirty filters which damage air conditioning systems.

Alles aus einer Hand - 24 Stunden Haustechnik Notdienst

Office number: 0211-367778-0 (available from 8:00 until 16:00)
Mobile number: 0177-7790065 (available from 16:00 and on weekends)
24- hour Emergency service: 02171 / 580 96 01 (available from 16:00 and on weekends)


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