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Dümpel Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are beneficial for the upkeep of any business.

Having the right commercial cleaning service can give a company a clean, attractive and professional appearance.

A fresh and polished surrounding can be inviting for customers, which in turn helps a business retain its clientele.

We strive to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers in an efficient and dependable manner. We offer professional cleaning of both building exteriors and interiors in accordance with your wishes.

Interior building cleaning services

Maintenance cleaning

High-quality maintenance cleaning, daily or at fixed intervals, is an investment in the long-term value of your property. Our qualified team can be available quickly at your location offering floor, surface, office, toilet and kitchen cleaning services. In addition, we offer a wide range of cleaning products for your toilet facilities.

Cleaning after construction works have been completed

We clean all floor surfaces, windows, doors and sanitary installations leaving the object ready to be handed over with the key.

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

We clean upholstery and carpets of any kind by a variety of methods. In all cleaning methods only environmental and surface gentle cleaning agents are used.

Exterior Building Cleaning Services

Glass and metal cleaning services for large and small surfaces

Our staff professionally clean glass surfaces and external structural elements made of metal or plastic even in hard to reach places.

Facade cleaning

With a balanced application of technology and cleaning agents, we clean graffiti or weather-related contamination and help to restore your facade to its former glory.

Sweeping service, gardening and winter services

In terms of the exterior surfaces care, we focus on the "City Ranger 2250". The City Ranger 2250 is an equipment carrier with a complete set of attachments. With its special equipment it is extremely versatile and perfect for all Outdoor area maintenance tasks. Sweeping and vacuuming in spring, mowing and edging in summer, snow removal and sand, gravel and salt sprinkling in winter. The City Ranger 2250 is market tested, effective and very professional.

Let us make you an offer based on your individual needs and you will get to see our high hygiene and cleanliness standards for yourself.


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