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Dümpel Facade Cleaning Service

Facade cleaning is the cleaning of the exterior of any building or structure.

A clean, well-kept building presents a more attractive real estate and regular facade cleaning and maintenance is key to increasing the longevity of building material and property value.

The restoration of buildings generally includes surface cleaning to remove substances that make a building look unsightly, such as layers of old paint or atmospheric soiling. We provide high quality services that do not impact negatively on the environment. We are devoted to protecting the environment through water consumption and by using environmentally safe products.

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Over time building surfaces can become covered in dust or simply covered by dirt which affects their original colour. Perhaps this does not compliment the appearance of your neighbourhood and you feel like you personally, or the company you own is not represented well because of this. Furthermore, in the long run dust and all kinds of dirt can cause facade material to crack and mould growth can affect the health of surrounding people and people who live or work inside the building.

The solution is to clean your facade at least once a year, maybe even twice. It all depends on the extent to which your building is exposed to dirt, dust, smog or any other air pollution. If you are near major roads or in an industrial zone the need to clean your building facade is much bigger.

If you want to feel proud of your property when showing it to your guests or you just want to get a better market value for it, we recommend that you clean the facade of your building. Here at Dumpel our trained staff and professional equipment make all this possible.

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