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Cleaning the Building Exterior

Cleaning the Building Exterior

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners clean the various types of glass using various techniques. We use ladders, and a variety of elevating work platforms to deliver our services every day. We finish our work to professional standards and at fair prices.

Metal Cleaning

Before we issue our tenders we create a sample which demonstrates the level of cleanliness that can be achieved by our cleaning.

Winter Services

Our winter service gives peace of mind that in the ice and snow, we will clear you driveways and walkways as soon as possible. Our snowplough trucks are in use around the clock in order to meet statutory requirements. Check out our video “winter maintenance”.


Our compact sweepers and specialised trucks are not merely efficient but sweep to an excellent standard. Test the groundbreaking technology of our sweepers and eco friendly lawnmowers for yourselves. Check out our “Sweepers” video.

Ground Care and Turf

We love nature and plants. We mow, fertilize, water, cut, and plant with evident love as we work! In parks and/ or smaller areas we use our City Rangers. It is also no trouble for us to sort out larger hedges. We use the ‘Wildkrautburste’ to clean sidewalks, building edges and even parking lots. Whether it is the garden space at your business or home, these outdoor spaces play a huge role in the image of your company and yourself. To ensure a lasting attractive appearance we carry out customised conservation measures at the parks throughout the year. Check out our video “Ground care”.

Special Services

Have you burned something, broken a water pipe or have vandals smeared something on the walls of your house? Our special services are just for you! Our excellent flexibility allows us to be on site within the shortest possible time and allows us to eliminate damage.


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